quinta-feira, 16 de dezembro de 2010

"A Cristmas Carol" by Charles Dickens

Chapter 6

Boxing Day

Scrooge went to work very early next morning. He wanted to be in the office before Bob Cratchit got there.
Bob was eighteen minutes late. He was frightened that Scrooge would be angry. He started writing very quickly.
'What's this?' said Scrooge in his old voice. 'Why were you late?'
'I'm very sorry, sir',said Bob.
'I don't like it!' he shouted. 'So I'm going to ...'
Bob waited, very frightened.
'...I'm going to pay you more!' said Scrooge, laughing.
'Merry Christmas, Bob'.
Scrooge asked him to go and buy some more wood for the fire.

Chapter 7

Happily Ever After

That afternoon, Scrooge took Bob Cratchit out for a drink and explained how he was going to help him and his family in the future.
Scrooge did everything he said he was going to do and more. He became a friend of the Cratchit family, and he was like a second father to Tiny Tim, who did not die.
Some people laughed at him because he had changed, but Scrooge let them laugh, he did not mind. He knew that there are always people who laugh when good things start happening in the world.

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