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"A Christmas Carol" de Charles Dickens - Actividades para os capítulos 6 e 7

A fable is a story that teaches a lesson. The lesson in a fable comes at the end of the story. We call it a ‘moral’.

A Christmas Carol is a fable. Choose the moral that you like best for the story:

a. Our friends and our family are more important than money.
b. Money doesn’t make you happy.
c. It’s important to help the poor.
d. Christmas teaches us to be better people.
e. We can all learn how to be better people.
f. Adults can change.
g. Good food and good schools are very important in a child’s life.

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O Natal chegou à BE...

"A Cristmas Carol" by Charles Dickens

Chapter 6

Boxing Day

Scrooge went to work very early next morning. He wanted to be in the office before Bob Cratchit got there.
Bob was eighteen minutes late. He was frightened that Scrooge would be angry. He started writing very quickly.
'What's this?' said Scrooge in his old voice. 'Why were you late?'
'I'm very sorry, sir',said Bob.
'I don't like it!' he shouted. 'So I'm going to ...'
Bob waited, very frightened.
'...I'm going to pay you more!' said Scrooge, laughing.
'Merry Christmas, Bob'.
Scrooge asked him to go and buy some more wood for the fire.

Chapter 7

Happily Ever After

That afternoon, Scrooge took Bob Cratchit out for a drink and explained how he was going to help him and his family in the future.
Scrooge did everything he said he was going to do and more. He became a friend of the Cratchit family, and he was like a second father to Tiny Tim, who did not die.
Some people laughed at him because he had changed, but Scrooge let them laugh, he did not mind. He knew that there are always people who laugh when good things start happening in the world.

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"A Christmas Carol" de Charles Dickens - Actividades para o capítulo 5

In Chapter 5 Scrooge does a lot of things for the first time. Mark the right ones and the wrong ones.
  1. Scrooge wished a merry Christmas to people in the streets.
  2. He gave a tip to a boy.
  3. He laughed for the first time in many years.
  4. He bought a big turkeyfor the Cratchits.
  5. He offered money for the poor.
  6. He went to church.
  7. He had dinner with the Cratchits.
  8. He said ‘Humbug’ again.

"A Christmas Carol" de Charles Dickens - Actividades para o capítulo 4

Who's who?
Choose the right names from the list below to complete the sentences .

  • very poor people
  • Joe
  • a dead man
  • a woman
  • Bob Cratchit
  • Fred
  • Scrooge
  • the ghost
  • the Cratchits
  • Tiny Tim


  1. ..........was in black.
  2. ......... brought things to sell to ........... .
  3. ......... wanted to sell ..........'s bed curtains, bedclothes and shirt.
  4. ........ couldn't see the dead man's face.
  5. ........ were sitting quietly and talking about .......... .
  6. ........ met ......... in the street.

O que eles disseram

Se eu fosse a personagem de um livro vivia aventuras, fazia novos amigos, conhecia também outras personagens, vivia emoções, ia conhecer outras paisagens, outros sítios maravilhosos, outras religiões, outros costumes, outras tradições, ..….
Ângela Borges, nº3, 6ºF

Se eu fosse a personagem de um livro seria aventureira, livre e lutadora. Teria uma grande colecção de amigos verdadeiros e com eles construíria uma instituição para alegrar todas as crianças doentes. Juntos lutaríamos contra a pobreza e injustiça do mundo. Seria apenas uma adolescente determinada a encarnar uma verdadeira personagem!
Mariana, nº12, 8ºE

A leitura para mim é uma forma divertida, interessante, dinâmica de aprender e abrir os horizontes. Todos, indepentemente das possibilidades, deviam ter oportunidade de ler um livro, por mais pequeno que fosse. Todos devemos arranjar um bocadinho para ler, para estudar, para querer aprender e não há nada melhor para isso que um livro.
Inês Figueiredo, nº11, 8ºE

Ler para mim é um mundo diferente, em que nós é que mandamos, em que criamos um mundo só nosso.
Ler é uma descoberta, nunca sabemos com o que podemos contar, nunca sabemos quais as aventuras, as descobertas….
Há quem pense que ler é uma “seca”, mas não é!
Imagina o mundo sem a leitura, o que seria de nós?

Nélia, 6ºF

Se eu fosse um livro podias aprender comigo, ficarias comigo no pensamento e viverias todas as emoções, aventuras e medos….
Fernanda Coelho, nº3, 7º F

Se eu fosse a personagem de um livro ia viver muitas aventuras, emoções, ia ter amigos diferentes, ia poder fazer coisas que na vida real não faço, ia conhecer o mundo da fantasia e tudo mais.
Eliana, 6ºF

Se eu fosse um livro gostaria de ser tocado e lido por muitos alunos e de andar sempre na mochila.
Não gostaria de estar sempre na mesma prateleira que ninguém me tocasse e lesse pois sentir-me-ia triste.
Magda Cortez, nº13, 9ºE

Se eu fosse um livro gostava de ser um livro de aventuras em que o leitor se apaixonasse mais a cada página que virasse. E no final gostava que ele ficasse satisfeito.
João Pedro, 9ºE

Se eu fosse um livro espalharia os finais felizes por todas as pessoas, ajudá-las-ia a superar as suas histórias infelizes, e sobretudo, ensiná-las-ia a contornar os problemas.
Cátia Marques, nº5, 9ºE

A leitura é como a Internet, quando se abre um livro é difícil de o largar e tal como a Internet nos abre horizontes, também a leitura o faz.
Marta Figueiredo, nº17, 9ºE

Se eu fosse um livro faria os meus leitores evadirem-se do mundo actual, abstrair os problemas. Seria como um chocolate quente num dia de Inverno.
Daniela Amaral, nº7, 9ºE

Se eu fosse um livro adoraria ser lido por muitas pessoas de vários países, ser conhecido universalmente, ser nomeado como um dos melhores. Ser um daqueles livros que nunca é esquecido e que, por mais vezes que se leia, nunca é cansativo.
Marta Borges, 9ºE

O meu livro preferido é algo que eu gosto de ler quando não tenho nada para fazer, esse livro é “Fúria e o Cavalo Ladrão”. É um livro de acção e já tem mais de 50 anos, pois também pertenceu ao meu avô e era o que ele gostava de ler. E ele transmitiu-me esse bichinho.
Filipe Sousa, 9ºE

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É Natal!

A Christmas Carol (Chapter Five)

Christmas Day

Scrooge fell down, and held the ghost’s hand... and woke up to find himself holding the bedpost of his own bed.
He got dressed quickly, saying to himself: 'Now I’ll use the lessons I’ve learnt from these three ghosts!'
He laughed. The first time he had laughed for years!
He saw a boy in the street.
'What day is it today?' he asked.
'lt's Christmas Day,' said the surprised boy.
'Go and buy that big turkey from the butcher's,' said Scrooge. There's ten pence for you!'
l will send it to Bob Cratchit, he thought.
Scrooge walked excitedly along the street saying 'Merry Christmas' to everybody.
When he met the man who had wanted help for the poor the day before, he told him to come and see him to get a lot of money.
Then Scrooge went off to his nephew Fred's house.
Fred was very surprised to see him.
'What do you want, uncle?' he asked.
'l want to come to dinner!' said Scrooge. 'Can l?'
'Of course you can!' answered Fred.
Fred was very happy, and so were his wife and all their friends. And they all had a lovely party together.

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A Christmas Carol (Chapter four)

The Third Ghost

Finally, the ghost took Scrooge home and, as he disappeared, the church clock rang midnight.
At once a new ghost appeared, much more frightening than the other two. It was covered from head to toe in a long, black coat.
'You' re The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come,' said Scrooge nervously.
The dark ghost said nothing and did not move.
'I imagine you've going to show me the things which haven't happened yet,' Scrooge said, looking at the strange ghost.
The ghost silently moved its head a little, and pointed with its hand.
Scrooge suddenly found himself in the middle of the City of London. He saw many of the people he worked with every day, changing, buying and selling money.
The ghost stopped and pointed to some men standing together talking.
'l don't know what happened. I only know he's dead,' said the first man.
'What's he done with his money?' asked the second man.
'He didn't give it to me!' said the first man, laughing.
'His funeral will be very cheap,' said another man.
'Why?' asked the second man.
'He had no friends. Nobody will go,' answered the first man.
Scrooge did not understand why the ghost wanted him to listen to this conversation, but he knew the ghost did not answer questions, so he did not ask.
He looked around trying to see himself, but on the corner where he usually stood at this time there was another man doing business.
Next the ghost took him to a bad part of London which he had never been to before.
The streets were smll and dark and full of the poorest people. They went into a dirty shop full of every horrible old thing you can imagine -metal, bones, books, clothes...
Scrooge watched as three people brought things to sell to the shopkeeper. They were from the same dead man's house.
The first had some small things: buttons and a pencil-case.
'He doesn't need these now,' said the first woman pointing to the towels, silver teaspoons and boots she had.
'Look, Joe,' said the other woman, showing the bed curtains and blankets she had taken from the dead man's bed.
'Is this shirt from the dead body?' asked Joe.
'Yes,' she answered. 'He doesn't need a new shirt now he's dead.'
This could happen to me when I die, thought Scrooge.
Suddenly, Scrooge found himself in another terrible room. It was very dark, with just a little light coming through the window.
There was a bed with no curtains on it, and on the bed, a dead body covered by a sheet.
The ghost pointed to the body, as silent as ever.
Scrooge looked.Who was this dead man? Why were there no friends or family there to cry over the body, to feel sad that he had died?
The ghost still pointed. Scrooge understood it wanted him to look at the face of the dead man, but he could not.
'l cannot look at this man's face,' said Scrooge. 'But if there's anybody in London who feels something because this man is dead, show them to me.'
The ghost took Scrooge into another room.
A woman stood up nervously when her husband came in.
'Is there any news?' she asked.
'When l went to ask him if we could pay the money one week later,' he said, 'an old woman told me he was dead.'
'That's good news,' she said. I'm sorry. l mean that now we have time to get the money we have to pay.'
'No, ghost!' said Scrooge. 'l want to see someone who's sorry about a death, not someone who's happy because of one!'
The ghost took him to Bob Cratchit’s house. He saw the Cratchit family sitting quietly around the fire. They were talking about Tiny Tim.
'l met Mr Scrooge's nephew, Fred,' said Bob, 'and he said he was very sorry to hear about Tiny Tim.'
Bob turned to his family: 'Let's never forget what a good, gentie boy he was, even if he was just a little child.'
'No, never father!' shouted all the children.
'Tell me, ghost,' said Scrooge. 'Who was the dead man we saw?'
The ghost took him to a churchyard. It was a dark place with the walls of houses all around and no flowers on the graves.
The ghost pointed to one grave.
'Before I look,' said Scrooge, 'tell me if the things we've seen are things which will definitely happen, or only things which may happen?'
The ghost stood in silence.
Scrooge looked at the name on the grave. It said EBENEZER SCROOGE.
'Was I the dead man?' he asked.
The ghost pointed to the grave, then at Scrooge.

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"A Christmas Carol" de Charles Dickens - Actividades para o capítulo 3

1 - Insert the coloured words.

happy sees potatoes table takes dinner walk house help goose son ill

The Ghost of Christmas Present (a)……… Scrooge to Bob Cratchit’s (b)........ . There he (c)……… his clerk’s family for the first time. Mrs Cratchit is making (d)……… . It is a small Christmas dinner: a (e)........... and some (f)........... . Scrooge looks at Tiny Tim, Bob's youngest (g)……… . The child cannot (h).......... because he's (i)..........and he may die if he doesn't get (j)........ . They all sit round the Christmas (k)……… and are very (l)........... .

2 - Write the answers.

a) Scrooge: ‘Will Tiny Tim live?’
Ghost: ………………………………………
b) Scrooge: ‘Who are they?’
Ghost: ………………………………………
c) Fred: ‘Merry Christmas.’
Ghost: ………………………………………

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Feira do Livro

De 6 a 10 de Dezembro vai decorrer a já tradicional Feira do Livro na nossa escola, na Biblioteca Escolar, com o intuito de propocionar o acesso, a toda a comunidade educativa, a uma grande diversidade de publicações a preços mais acessíveis, promovendo, desta forma o livro e aproximando-o das pessoas.